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XO8 Stem Cell Facial

A Red Carpet Treatment at Studio for Better Skin

The XO8 Stem Cell Facial is the gold standard in age-management. These award-winning products contain natural actives, antioxidants, and peptides formulated to deliver phenomenal results with your very first treatment for radiant, ageless skin. You will experience phenomenal results with your first facial, and even better ones with each subsequent treatment. Instantly firm, hydrate, lift, tighten and brighten the skin while simultaneously promoting collagen production for results that last. This two-hour facial that includes massage, Rezenerate Nano-Infusion, LED therapy, and cold therapy using Nano Globe technology. Studio for Better Skin is proud to be the only location in the Knoxville area offering XO8. See Before and After Photos below.

The Ingredients

Sheep placenta extract with pluripotent stem cells contains highly concentrated anti-aging actives. It offers one of the richest resources of cytokines growth factors, fibroblasts, nutrients, and immune co-factors, which lead to the multiplication and rejuvenation of healthy cells.


The extract is ethically sourced from sheep in New Zealand--which has some of the strictest animal-cruelty laws in existence. The collection process does not in any way interfere with the birth or initial bonding phase between ewes and lambs. Collection methods are completely humane and ethical, and no sheep or lambs are harmed in any way. 

Before & After